Hurricane Hazel - 50 years later October 1954 Hurricane Hazel

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Hurricane Hazel struck Southern Ontario on:
 a) October 5, 1954
 b) October 15, 1954
 c) October 17, 1954

The damage in Canada after Hurricane Hazel in 1954 was about:
 a) $160 million
 b) $1 billion
 c) $450 million

How many billions of gallons of water was pumped from the eastern section of Holland Marsh in 24 days, 11 days ahead of schedule, in order to reclaim it from the flood waters?
 a) 1-4 billion
 b) 12-15 billion
 c) 6-8 billion

The official death toll in Southern Ontario from Hurricane Hazel was:
 a) 81
 b) 32
 c) 47

Any normally dry land area that is susceptible to being inundated by water from any natural source and is usually low land, adjacent to a stream or lake, is referred to as a:
 a) wetland
 b) flood plain
 c) marsh

The hurricane season officially runs from:
 a) April through September
 b) June through November
 c) November through April

An intense tropical weather system is classified as a hurricane once it attains a well-defined circulation and maximum sustained winds of ______ kilometres per hour or higher.
 a) 90
 b) 140
 c) 118

In what year following Hurricane Hazel did the Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (MTRCA) propose a flood control plan combining land expropriation, and dam and reservoir construction?
 a) 1954
 b) 1958
 c) 1966

In the community of Woodbridge, the Humber River was normally 65-feet wide, but during the flood it extended to a width of _____ feet at its narrowest point.
 a) 350
 b) 124
 c) 236

Hurricane Hazel induced the most severe flooding in Toronto in over 200 years, with 110 km/h winds and _____ millimetres (11 inches) of rain in less than 24 hours.
 a) 168
 b) 312
 c) 285

The Lands Acquisition Program was implemented as the first stage in the post-Hazel flood control plan in the year _____.
 a) 1956
 b) 1960
 c) 1964

In Ontario, ______________________________________ are responsible for forecasting where and when flooding is likely to occur and issuing flood alerts and warnings.
 a) Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
 b) Environment Canada and conservation authorities
 c) All of the above