Hurricane Hazel Personal Accounts

Pamela Connell
I was 12 years old living in Toronto, Jane and Eglinton area, and awoke to the sound of a neighbour calling to my mother--dad was on night shift. My sister and I ran to the window, to see rapids of water surrounding the house and fields--moving at tremendous speed, carrying rooftops, fridges, trees and other household items. I was terribly afraid. It was like seeing only half a world, the rest was under water. Hours passed; the water rose slowly and then a kindly neighbour with an outboard motor boat rescued all the children from the valley, and returned again for the adults. My mother stood me on a chair on the porch and the water was up about nine feet. I became separated from my family the rest of the night and they couldn't locate me until the next day. I didn't know whether they were alive. I will never forget that terrible night. I learned the value of life when I heard that people had been killed in other areas. I am forever thankful to my neighbour for saving our lives. His name was Mr. Fowler.

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