Hurricane Hazel Personal Accounts

I was only nine months old when Hurricane Hazel arrived in Toronto. I remember riding on a TTC Bus on Victoria Park with my mother. I could see the dark clouds out the back window of the bus. We had left my Aunt Doris Vyse who lived on Southmead at that time just south of the Golden Mile Plaza near Victoria Park and Eglinton Avenue. We were heading back home which was at 17 Burnley Avenue near Victoria Park and Lawrence Avenue East. We lived with my grandmother Holdsworth here. The thunder was very loud and the lightning bright. I have relived this event in my dreams many times. We stayed in the basement of the house on Burnley Avenue during the storm. My Parents (Stan and Betty Farrell) moved to 9 Birch Place, Big Cedar Estates, just west of Orillia in 1985 when the tornado swept through Barrie.They said it reminded them of Hurricane Hazel.

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