Hurricane Hazel Personal Accounts

Mrs. May Lovett's sister's experience in Woodbridge

"She was sitting in the living room and her husband was on the night shift in Malton. She looked up and saw water coming across the floor; she woke the children and put some clothes on them and then hurried out onto the veranda in the front. The street was already flooded, so they climbed on the railing.

"While they were there, some men came and got their boat, which was fastened in the backyard. It was a large boat, but when they came around to the street it was already loaded. They yelled at my sister to get in but she refused, as she knew it was overloaded. Just then it upset and all were drowned.

"She and the children stood on the veranda rail all night until firemen rescued them in the morning. She said it was a problem keeping the children awake, as they were so young, but she managed by talking and telling them stories all night."

Hurricane Hazel, Betty Kennedy, 1979; p. 81-82

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